Take control of your business performance

Invest in a Strategy Execution platform to manage your operational performance, continuous improvement and strategic transformation.

I-nexus Platform

Helping global organizations successfully achieve their goals since 2005


Flex improved productivity across 36 sites with i-nexus

Read how Flex focused on performance in its Lean Manufacturing system with i-nexus' project portfolio and performance management software.

The most effective way to run, improve and transform your business

The i-nexus Strategy Execution software is used across industries and different sized organizations to overcome the challenges of managing operational performance, driving sustainable continuous improvement and delivering breakthrough strategic transformation.

i-nexus Run

Cascade accountability and establish a counter measure culture to understand and manage daily lead times and their impact on commercial performance, revenue and other KPIs.


i-nexus Improve

Standardize your continuous improvement methodology, drive greater project success, reduce waste, and align improvement to strategic goals to truly understand their ROI.


i-nexus Transform

Instill a shared belief and responsibility for delivering strategic goals across your organization, ensuring your long-term, breakthrough goals are achieved alongside short-term efforts.

See how i-nexus helps organizations overcome their Strategy Execution challenges


i-nexus is the digital solution to planning, executing and tracking your goals

Interested in achieving more of your goals, faster and with less investment? The i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform is the solution.


Set, cascade and negotiate strategic goals and accountability throughout your organization, aligning everyone to delivering focused success.

Plan out your goals, plan and strategy


Optimize and execute your strategic portfolio with rigor, ensuring full visibility of projects, risks and maximum use of the resources central to your goals.


Track the progress of your projects with accuracy, driving timely updates on metrics and visualize these to correct underperformance and realize the benefits and impact of your portfolio.

Execute your project portfolio

The i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform

The i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform is cloud-based, enterprise-ready software which empowers executives and professionals with a complete suite of tools for strategic planning, portfolio execution, and performance tracking:

i-nexus Pulse

Update metrics and projects on-the-go

i-nexus Pulse enables team members to easily enter metrics and project updates, ensuring effective data collection for achieving your goals.


Take control of your Strategy Execution

i-nexus Workbench is used to synchronize & plan strategies and goals, metrics and targets, portfolios and projects and key performance indicators.

i-nexus Advisor

Use intuitive, data-rich insights

i-nexus Advisor ensures that executives have insight into their strategy’s robustness, project portfolio execution and realized results.

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