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The i-nexus Strategy Execution platform helps organizations achieve sustained growth and success by digitalizing their Continuous Improvement and strategic transformation.

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Powering Strategy Execution in the world’s largest organisations

Organisations around the globe consistently achieve more of their strategic goals with i-nexus

Transform strategy into results, every time

Successful Strategy Execution separates market leaders from the also-rans. Yet companies still turn to spreadsheets, presentations and email to manage Strategy Execution, bringing risk and compromising their success of turning strategy into reality.

Introducing the i-nexus Strategy Execution platform, used by successful organisations worldwide to safeguard their complex Strategy Execution, digitise their existing processes and deliver results.

With proven enterprise readiness and best practice support for both Continuous Improvement and long-term strategy deployment, i-nexus is the choice of the global 500.

Goal Cascade & Alignment

Effectively cascade strategy and initiatives to ensure alignment throughout the entire organisation.

Single Source of the Truth

The single platform for transparency and accountability of strategy which visualises business-wide progress with clarity of goals, targets and deliverables.

Performance Management

Safeguard the execution of your strategy through meaningful performance management of change to proactively alert you to problems before they develop.

Methodology Agnostic

Supports all strategic change methodologies including Hoshin Kanri, Policy Deployment, Lean and Six Sigma with X-Matrix, Bowler Charts, benchmarking and KPI tracking.

i-nexus for Strategy Execution

The single platform for transparency and accountability of strategy which visualises business-wide progress with clarity of goals, targets and deliverables.

World-class strategy execution solutions

Learn how our Strategy Execution platform will safeguard both your Continuous Improvement and long-term strategy deployment by enabling you to start anywhere and go anywhere from a top-down (Boardroom) or bottom-up (Project Office) view of Strategy Execution.

Success story

i-nexus helps CRH get a firm grasp on the control and visibility of its synergy initiatives and savings

CRH needed a system to manage synergy initiatives and achieve full visibility into future savings, ensuring: focus, accountability and confidence in the forecast of expected savings. Read on to see why CRH chose i-nexus’ Strategy Execution solution.


The key to Strategy Execution success

Download this eBook to learn why strategic transformations fail to achieve even 40% of their potential value due to improper execution, the scale of the challenge that faces senior leaders, and the path to successfully deploying and executing your strategy.

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