AGM 2020 Procedure

i-nexus Global plc (AIM: INX), a provider of cloud-based Strategy Execution software solutions for the Global 5000, provides an update on its upcoming annual general meeting (the “AGM”), scheduled to be held at 11.00 a.m. on Monday 23 March 2020 at i-nexus, George House, Herald Avenue, Coventry, CV5 6UB. The health and safety of the Company’s shareholders, employees and directors is of paramount importance and so in light of the increased risk posed by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, i-nexus sets out details of the precautionary measures to be taken in respect of the AGM.

The AGM will still take place as scheduled, however the Company strongly encourages shareholders to consider whether their attendance in person is strictly necessary. Shareholders are instead being urged to appoint the Chairman as their proxy rather than attend the AGM in person. The deadline for submission of proxies to the Company’s registrar, Share Registrars Limited at The Courtyard, 17 West Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7DR, is 11.00 a.m. on 20 March 2020.

The AGM will be concluded swiftly and those still choosing to attend in person following conclusion of the formal business of the meeting will be asked to vacate the AGM venue immediately and will not be invited to ask questions. Professional advisers have been asked not to attend the AGM in person. These measures are being adopted to safeguard the health of those for whom attendance in person is unavoidable, and to ensure the AGM is as safe and efficient as possible.

Shareholders are instead being offered the opportunity to observe and pose questions to the AGM remotely, using the following telephone conference call details:

Telephone number: +44 (0) 203 321 5262

Conference ID number: 205106431

Those wishing to attend the AGM remotely should dial the above telephone number and input the conference ID number [followed by ‘#’] to their telephone keypad when prompted. The conference call line will be open from [10:45 a.m.] on Monday 23 March 2020 and the AGM will commence as scheduled at 11.00 a.m.