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7 reasons why you need to attend a Strategy Execution Consortium


The world is changing rapidly and, across all industries, organisations are struggling to keep up, in part due to their lack of digital transformation. Fortunately, there are events designed to support strategy leaders’ success in this area, in particular Strategy Execution Consortiums. Here are 7 reasons you need to attend one in 2019.

Written by: Alan Dix, Strategy Execution Evangelist

On average, industries are less than 40 per cent digitalised. Despite the hype and relatively deep penetration of digital technologies in media, retail, and high tech, most sectors are rushing to catch up. The pressure to digitalise will grow significantly over the next few years as the Fourth Industrial Revolution gathers pace.

Introducing i-nexus’ Strategy Execution Consortium events

The Strategy Execution Consortium embraces this, in a series of events that celebrate strategy execution digitalisation and ensures strategy best practice for the digital age.

The Strategy Execution Consortium events are more than just two days of learning, networking, and inspiration.

These are the seven reasons why the events are a must-attend for every strategy leader.

Seven benefits of attending this strategy event

1. Become a strategy success story
Follow in the footsteps of global organisations such as Ingersoll Rand, Molex, Transat and Danaher. As highlighted by these organisations, there are many factors that influence a strategy’s success. There’s a need to pivot quickly, responding to results and external pressure.

Organisation-wide, complex strategies remain challenging to execute, with two core, common themes being the difficulty of knowing the impact of interconnected changes, and the proliferation of firmwide initiatives which are making coordination difficult. Gartner, Strategy’s New Execution Mandate, 2019

The Strategy Execution Consortium luminates the challenges, trends, techniques and solutions to help strategy leaders like yourself grapple with the obstacles blocking your way, clearing the path to success.

2. A range of learning options
Understanding the many factors impacting your strategy execution takes time. At the Strategy Execution Consortium events, you get access to free workshops, case studies, panels and industry insiders. The events are designed for all learning styles, ensuring that you are exposed to the topics which are shaping global organisations’ success.

Notably, the consortiums centre around the concept of digitalising your strategy execution, and the tangible benefits on offer from doing so. By attending, you will be:

– Able to understand the impact of digitalising the management of your strategy execution
– Equipped with the knowledge to manage your strategic initiatives digitally
– Given essential insights into the latest technology and strategy execution best practice

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3. Get much-needed headspace for critical thinking

The Strategy Execution Consortiums give you the opportunity to step back from your day-to-day responsibilities, providing the space you need to think about how to really move the needle on your strategy execution.

Away from the usual operational distractions of your workday, you will gain the headspace needed to take a fresh look at your strategy execution, business transformation, daily management and Lean efforts.

4. Lively debate to spark lightbulb moments

You won’t be alone in this endeavour.

The events also provide a great opportunity to network with your peers, those grappling with the same strategy and digital transformation challenges you face each day. These are the people who may have come up with a solution for the exact issue you’re facing right now.

Importantly, you’ll meet people who feel just as passionate as you about strategy execution.

This will help you to learn new approaches to your strategy execution. Lively debate and collaboration with your peers will give you solutions to your current challenges, spark ideas, foster innovation, and help you build a strong network of strategy leaders.

5. Insider access to the leaders in strategy execution

Get access to those who are steering the course of strategy execution today. Listen to speakers who have digitalised the management of their strategy execution and succeeded. Learn the secrets of their success and how they are using strategy execution software to reach their goals.

You’ll get to hear from, and network with, the industry’s experts, taking back proven tips and insights to help you derive value from your strategy execution via digitalisation. Driving greater shareholder value and tangible change across your organisation.

These experts come from many different industries including aviation, pharma, manufacturing and more.

Our global consulting partners will be sharing their experiences. And to round it off, i-nexus’ valued customers will be sharing their tips on implementing, optimising and navigating their digital strategy execution journey.

What's in store at the consortium events?

6. Innovate and challenge yourself

Discussions, workshops and panels are designed to give you the latest thinking on effective strategy. Expect to be challenged and inspired by the many conversations you’ll have during the event. You’ll get the opportunity (and headspace) to consider new approaches to your strategy execution and explore any potential roadblocks.

Transform your strategy execution, transformation and continuous improvement efforts through two breakout sessions and case study sessions. Plus, you’ll have access to sessions on strategy execution trends, a look into the future of digital strategy execution, and the opportunity to benchmark your strategy execution maturity.

7. Add or refresh your existing echniques, tools and templates

By attending the Strategy Execution Consortium, you’ll be afforded ample chances to upskill and develop your knowledge in strategy execution:

– Explore the latest techniques, technology and templates that will streamline your strategy execution, open critical communication channels, and boost your performance tracking capabilities
– Learn about the impact of using strategy methodologies across your organisation, and the role they play in aligning the boardroom to the front-line

Exclusive, intimate events

Every Strategy Execution Consortium event has only 40 spaces.

Reserved for senior strategy, transformation, and lean practitioners, you gain exclusive access to senior decision-makers just like you. The events are designed to foster connections and break the ice with attendees, so you’ll seamlessly network with strategy leaders over workshop sessions and dinner.

Attendees come from all sectors, disciplines and geographies, giving you real diversity of thought and a range of perspectives on strategy execution. Discuss your successes, challenges, war stories and much more – and gain lasting connections.

Expect results

When you attend a Strategy Execution Consortium event, you can expect results. Join the ranks of past attendees who have used the inspiration, content, and learnings to move the needle on their strategy execution efforts. Don’t miss discovering the tried, tested and future paths to success that your peers have taken.

You’ll leave the event with real, actionable insights. From proven methods to avoidable pitfalls, ensure the success, longevity and agility of your strategy.

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About the author

Alan Dix is i-nexus’ Strategy Execution Evangelist. With over 20 years of experience in strategy execution across the telecoms industry, he is passionate about supporting senior leaders in learning strategy execution best practice and advocating the role of digitalisation in driving greater performance.

If you’d like to talk more about your strategic challenges, reach out to him on or connect with Alan on LinkedIn for more insights.