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Aligning financial benefits with strategic execution


As we travel the globe from New York to Boston, London, Geneva and beyond working with senior leadership in global businesses, a very common trend we discuss is the perennial challenge of aligning financial benefits and the reality of strategy execution. Whether the strategic imperative is revenue growth, business expansion or supply chain cost reduction – the common thread is always how to align, measure and course correct the actual financial reality. Here is how you can achieve that in i-nexus.

Written by: Rob Hill, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing


We are often brought in to help solve the challenges businesses face, including double counting or financial benefits, misalignments between the strategy execution team, finance and the broader business, as well as the worrisome challenge of having minimal control or insight in what is or isn’t working.

Controlling the finances of strategy execution

There are endless project management tools that provide a varying degree of control on the execution of the strategy, and then quite separate financial tools that attempt to control the financial management side of the business.

What is missing is a dedicated strategy execution platform  that provides real-time management insight by taking input from the existing tools an organisation has in place, to manage aspects of the business such as finance.

The stakes are high in aligning financial benefits with strategy execution, because in challenging economic times an enterprise needs immediate insight and control of what is and isn’t working, the ability to immediately course correct and ultimately confidence that the strategic imperative isn’t going to fail.

Whilst a strategy execution platform is an enterprise scale technology platform with its inherent deployment and integration challenges, the i-nexus strategy execution platform has an astonishing sub 90-day time to value.

This means for our Fortune 500 clients we can deploy a strategy execution platform from day one to fully operational in less than three months, providing overall insight into the impact of the strategy in a moment without having to dig into different reporting systems or manually pull the information together.

Take the next step to safeguarding your strategy execution

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More generally, introducing a strategy execution platform can be difficult in organisations where comfort with traditional strategy tools remain, however, we have a wealth of resource freely available to guide your journey, such as the below:

About the author

Rob Hill is i-nexus’ Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. With 20+ years of global Cloud enterprise software experience, his passion is delivering genuinely transformational and sustainable solutions which add value by solving real business problems, resulting in delighted customers and companies out-performing their industry.

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