Coordinate your organization-wide Continuous Improvement initiatives

High-performing organizations are continuously evolving and improving, taking every available opportunity to better themselves. The result is scores — sometimes hundreds — of simultaneous improvement initiatives in different departments, across business units, often every part of the organization. Now imagine if all of these initiatives are fully aligned around clearly communicated goals, tracked real time through their execution, and their results measured using published KPIs.

Introducing i-nexus for Continuous Improvement upfront allows your teams to capture clear improvement targets and explore the initiatives best-suited to meeting these goals, from concept right through to reporting ROI to your stakeholders.

With i-nexus, you will achieve more of your goals, faster and with less effort through an end-to-end, secure solution that’s accessible anywhere.

30% increase in return on investment

25% reduction in project cycle time

20% increase in project success

30% increase in project reuse

Where are you on your continuous improvement journey?

i-nexus’ Continuous Improvement solutions can transform your continuous improvement activities whether your organization is new to operational excellence, or a master of continuous improvement. Together with our network of trusted partners, our solutions blend the best available software and services at every stage of your journey to operational excellence.

Use the characteristics to identify your phase then review the challenges organizations typically face

Initial Deployment

  • Early experiments to introduce foundational lean tools (5S, standard work, visual management boards, daily huddles) at a local work team level.
  • Staff/team leaders are still at the stage of becoming familiar with basic tools.
  • Growing recognition of value of CI and a more systematic approach to problem solving but firefighting still widespread.

Scale & Sustain

  • Increasing standardisation of SDQC and visual management across the organization.
  • Wider adoption of greater competence in, and more rigour in, the use of PDCA problem-solving tools e.g. A3s.
  • Centralization/formalization of training programs for operational excellence practitioners/experts (advanced lean tools/six sigma methods, etc.) and creation of a center of excellence to own/train methods.

Integrated System

  • Operational excellence (CI/Daily Management) seen as part of a wider ‘stratex’ business system.
  • Widespread use of lean audits to benchmark processes and share best-practices.
  • CI activity is viewed at all management levels (impact on core value drivers).
  • Leadership recognizes the need to simultaneously run and continuously improve the existing business whilst transforming the business to meet anticipated future customer needs.

Initial Deployment

  • Demonstrating value of using CI tools and freeing sufficient time for CI activity.
  • Choosing the subset of tools and concepts to deploy fist tools and ensure there is sufficient expertise to coach and facilitate early adopters.

Scale & Sustain

  • Standardizing the approach to daily management/problem solving across the enterprise.
  • Building internal expertise to teach and coach improvement methods and apply more advanced methods (DMAIC, DOE, etc.).
  • Establishing the infrastructure to support measurement automation and action tracking.

Integrated System

  • Leveraging best practices at one location/business unit to improve all locations.
  • Successfully integrating review of operational performance/CI with strategy execution review to ensure appropriate time is given to both.
  • Ensuring leaders coach and encourage the behaviors that underpin effective CI.

i-nexus Continuous Improvement packages

Select the package that best fits where you are on your journey to excellence in continuous improvement

Initial Deployment Package

Get a rapid start with continuous improvement

Scale & Sustain Package

Achieve sustained adoption and results

Integrated System Package

Embed continuous improvement consistently across the organization

Executing strategy in the digital age requires tools connecting the shared objectives of business strategists and those executing the change. Program and portfolio management leaders directing transformation and/or EPMOs will benefit from investing in strategy execution management to be successful.

Market Guide for Strategy Execution Management Software

Daniel Stang, Philip Allega, Teresa Jones, Gartner, November 2017

We've noticed a significant increase in organizations establishing what Gartner calls a ‘strategy realization office’. This should further drive the clear value case that, if it is worth setting up a dedicated group of people to assure strategic efforts are on point, then it might also be worth providing them with the right tools.

Market Guide for Strategy Execution Management Software

Daniel Stang, Philip Allega, Teresa Jones, Gartner, November 2017

Before i-nexus, we were struggling with spreadsheets to capture process data and publish performance risk scorecards. Now, i-nexus manages the entire process, from data collection and entry, to automated metric reporting. Enabling our stakeholders to access real-time performance reports is helping to drive continuous improvement into everyone’s daily activities.

Hervé Leroy Program Manager, Black Belt Centre at Société Générale

The quality of the presenters and the knowledge and experience were amazing. The degree of information between the participants, plus the insights we got from the presentations was really outstanding.

Joerg Baier General Manager at Maersk


i-nexus Continuous Improvement overview

Achieve breakthrough results through continuous operational improvement. With i-nexus, you will achieve more of your goals, faster and with less effort. All in one system that’s accessible securely from anywhere.

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