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Selecting i-nexus as your trusted strategy execution solution provider is the first important step in your journey to strategy execution excellence. From there through onboarding and solution configuration to driving adoption and delivering results, our Customer Success team is dedicated to realizing your business outcome.


Configure your i-nexus solution to match your outcome and requirements

1. Discovery

Translate your business outcome into a solution blueprint and deployment plan

2. Solution configuration

Design and configure i-nexus to your exact requirements and business objectives

3. User community training

Show users how to use i-nexus in their everyday jobs

4. Launch

Go live with i-nexus!


Enable i-nexus adoption across your user community


Grow i-nexus use across your organization and measure business results

Executing strategy in the digital age requires tools connecting the shared objectives of business strategists and those executing the change. Program and portfolio management leaders directing transformation and/or EPMOs will benefit from investing in strategy execution management to be successful.

Market Guide for Strategy Execution Management Software

Daniel Stang, Philip Allega, Teresa Jones, Gartner, November 2017

We've noticed a significant increase in organizations establishing what Gartner calls a ‘strategy realization office’. This should further drive the clear value case that, if it is worth setting up a dedicated group of people to assure strategic efforts are on point, then it might also be worth providing them with the right tools.

Market Guide for Strategy Execution Management Software

Daniel Stang, Philip Allega, Teresa Jones, Gartner, November 2017

Before i-nexus, we were struggling with spreadsheets to capture process data and publish performance risk scorecards. Now, i-nexus manages the entire process, from data collection and entry, to automated metric reporting. Enabling our stakeholders to access real-time performance reports is helping to drive continuous improvement into everyone’s daily activities.

Hervé Leroy Program Manager, Black Belt Centre at Société Générale

The quality of the presenters and the knowledge and experience were amazing. The degree of information between the participants, plus the insights we got from the presentations was really outstanding.

Joerg Baier General Manager at Maersk

Despite the fact that we all came from a very diverse set of industries, there was a real consistency in the problems we were trying to deal with. Plus the insights we got from the presentations were really outstanding.

Gary Aldam Accelerating Delivery and Performance at GSK

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