Strategy Execution webinars

Join us as we share how to safeguard your strategy

Who are our webinars for?

Our webinars are designed for senior business leaders working in strategy mature organisations who want to learn how to use a technology platform to digitise the execution of their strategy. You’ll be a CXO global leader or a senior Strategy Execution leader who knows there must be a better way.

These short, impactful 60 minute sessions focus on Continuous Improvement and long-term Strategy Deployment, answering how you can transform its impact, all from the comfort of your mobile, tablet or PC.

Why should you sign up?

These 60-minute webinars will provide the world’s best practice insights, advice and case studies on how you can transform your Strategy Execution capability within 10-12 weeks.

By signing up to our webinars, you’ll be armed with the knowledge of:

  • The method to measure your organisation’s Strategy Execution maturity
  • How world-class organisations have perfected Strategy Execution to deliver greater shareholder value, customer experience and employee engagement
  • Best practice, regardless of your industry or deployment methodology
  • The integral role software plays in helping you to distil your full strategic plan into all its actionable, constituent components
  • The cost to implement and operate a Strategy Execution platform
  • The time and effort to deploy and integrate a Strategy Execution platform with your wider business systems

What topics do you cover?

Our webinars showcase the value of digital Strategy Execution, demonstrate how software can move the needle on your Strategy Execution, how to secure buy-in across your organisation and unveil the value that can be produced through modernised Strategy Execution.

These webinars focus on the following:

1. Strategy Execution Lessons From World-Class Companies
Explore the lessons from global strategy execution leading organisations and find insights that will help you transform your organisation’s capabilities.

2. How To Accelerate Strategy Execution
Learn how a Strategy Execution platform will revolutionise your ability to execute, and what a digital version of your current processes and strategy will look like.

3. The Problem with Continuous Improvement
Discover the common problems that global organisations encounter when they implement continuous improvement.  We’ll explore how a software solution can support alignment, communication, buy-in and improvement tracking – whilst being the key to embedding a continual improvement culture.

4. Strategy Execution Platform Demo and Q&A
Receive a thorough end-to-end demonstration of how a CXO senior leader can access a platform to check dashboards, how a casual user can easily update KPIs, and the workbench tool for Strategy Execution that your organisation’s super users will adopt to transform your world.

Who hosts your webinars?

As the global Strategy Execution platform leader, we are fortunate to have a stable of highly experienced senior advisers who deliver our webinars, deliver keynote sessions at conferences and host our global breakfast briefing sessions.

To kick off each webinar our hosts explain their experience, run in-stream polls to gauge your organisation’s way of working, and allow for ample time to answer your questions at the end.

We guarantee you’ll find their insights fascinating, experiences inspirational, and their delivery captivating.

What do attendees say?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and so are the comments of our webinar attendees.

“A truly fantastic webinar, I can’t recommend enough the value of taking an hour out of your day to learn the fascinating story of organisations such as Danaher, especially how their approach can be applied to my own work place. Thank you.”
Strategy Execution Lessons From World-Class Companies’ attendee

How can you sign up?

It’s simple. Select the webinar you want to attend, click ‘Register’ and enter your details.

Once submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation as well as a calendar entry so that you don’t miss the broadcast.

And, if you can’t make the live stream, we’ll make sure you get a copy post-show!

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  • How to Accelerate Strategy Execution
  • Thu October 31, 2019
  • 16:00

About the host

i-nexus is the leading provider of cloud strategy execution solutions, helping global organizations turn strategy into reality. Global leaders turn to i-nexus to translate strategy into goals, goals into action, and action into results. With proven enterprise readiness and support for leading best practices such as Hoshin Kanri and Lean, our solutions for strategy deployment and continuous improvement enable large organizations to achieve more of their goals, faster and with less effort.