i-nexus is committed to enhancing the user experience (UX) across the system; we will be dedicating a significant proportion of our product roadmap to this area.

We aim to

Introduce a fresh, modern look and feel to the interface

Enable i-nexus on mobile devices e.g. phones/tablets

Improve the navigation to make things easier to find

Make it easier to understand where you are and what you are looking at

Address specific UX issues

We have been listening to your feedback, and have undertaken a number of UX studies; as a result we have compiled a list of areas in need of improvement. To help ensure these improvements deliver the most benefit, we would like to run our ideas past you, our end users.

Help us to help you by signing up to our UX Panel.

Your involvement will be entirely voluntary, will not require a significant amount of time and can be opted out at any point.