Simplicity of one business execution platform

Our core capabilities – Goal Management, Initiative Management, and Performance Management – are all underpinned by the i-nexus platform that provides a suite of powerful and integrated features; all in a single user interface that can be accessed using a browser. What’s more, these features are easily configured as your needs evolve.

From managing your users and setting permissions, to automating key approvals and collaborating within and across teams, i-nexus business execution platform delivers the features you need to successfully define your strategic goals, align and execute your initiatives, and measure your business performance.

User Management

Manage your user community and accounts, with optional single sign-on with leading enterprise directories.

Roles & Permissions

Use roles to present just the right information to individuals or teams then assign permissions to these roles to manage access and actions.


Facilitate and track work by automating standard processes, from initiative lifecycles to routine reviews and approvals.

Alerts & Notifications

Receive inline and email notifications when events occur or out-of-bounds alarms are triggered on metrics.

Reporting & Analytics

Analyze, visualize and report your strategy execution data to communicate status to stakeholders and gain real-time insights. Automate reporting cycles from preparation, review and approval, and data quality and completeness checks, to executives' desks.


Coordinate and collaborate across the strategy lifecycle, from goal definition to managing initiatives and tracking performance.

Case study

Tracking committed realized synergies following $8b asset acquisition

i-nexus provides a solid governance system for synergy realization and enables CRH to align, track and gain full visibility on the integration initiatives. i-nexus software also tracks and validates benefits from 200+ synergy projects.

“Executing strategy in the digital age requires tools connecting the shared objectives of business strategists and those executing the change. Program and portfolio management leaders directing transformation and/or EPMOs will benefit from investing in strategy execution management to be successful.”

Market Guide for Strategy Execution Management Software"
Daniel Stang, Philip Allega, Teresa Jones, Gartner, November 2017

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