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Intuitive, data-rich insights

i-nexus advisor strategy reporting tablet software

Placing strategic insights at executives’ fingertips for informed decisions

As your business executes its initiatives, the data generated should provide the information necessary to making informed decisions, but all too often this process is overly-complicated and time consuming.

Making sense of data to show areas of under-performance shouldn’t be burdensome, and the i-nexus Advisor strategic measurement and reporting tool eliminates this.

i-nexus Advisor ensures executives are equipped with powerful insights into their strategy’s robustness, project portfolio execution and realized results through visually stunning, intuitive reports and dashboards.

i-nexus Advisor is your snapshot of performance

i-nexus Advisor gives executives insights into the three elements of delivering on their strategy: planning, execution and tracking.

Wherever you are, snapshot your existing performance and drill down into further layers of information to truly understand the drivers of your results.

Strategic plan robustness

Ensure your strategic plan is robust, complete and ready to deploy with confidence.

Accurately track the benefits of your strategic plan with Advisor
Roll out a robust strategic plan with Advisor

Delivery performance

See how well the strategic project portfolio is performing to plan.

Impact analysis & benefits tracking

Drive accountability and validate progress toward strategic goals through immediate impact and benefit realization tracking.

Assess the performance of your strategic plan with Advisor

Analyze and improve your business performance

With i-nexus Advisor, executives can answer these crucial questions at any time:

How robust is my strategic plan, how well are we executing against strategic goals, and are we seeing the anticipated results?

i-nexus Advisor enables executives to address performance and easily understand their results.

  • Analyze and act on beautifully presented data
  • Quickly see and course correct misaligned resource
  • View top-level insights into your business performance
  • Quality check your future strategic plans
  • Examine the causal relationship between actions and performance
  • Monitor weight factors which influence your KPIs

Focus the conversation on facts

i-nexus Advisor delivers the insights needed for superior performance:


Improvement in performance by promoting a countermeasure culture


Reduction in project cycle time through enhanced mobilization, planning and execution


Reduction in time to prepare reports (data collection, transformation, reporting)

Learn more about the i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform

The i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform is cloud-based, enterprise-ready software which empowers executives and professionals with a complete suite of tools for strategic planning, portfolio execution, and performance tracking.

i-nexus customers can access all three elements of the i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform, creating the comprehensive system you need to deliver superior performance from your strategic plan.

i-nexus pulse strategy execution mobile software

Update metrics and projects on-the-go

i-nexus Pulse is a mobile-first application which enables individual contributors and team members to easily enter metrics and project updates, ensuring effective data collection for the achievement of your goals.

As your business strives to move ever closer to its goals, providing updates to the performance of tasks and projects has never been easier thanks to i-nexus Pulse.

Execute your entire project portfolio with confidence

Take control of your Strategy Execution

From planning your strategy and related operational, improvement and transformation initiatives, through to executing and tracking their performance, i-nexus Workbench helps your business take control of what drives your success.

i-nexus Workbench is used to synchronize and plan strategies and goals, metrics and targets, portfolios and projects, and key performance indicators.

Who is i-nexus Advisor for?

i-nexus Advisor has been built for executives and senior leaders to make the right strategic decisions at the right time, supporting these users:




Senior Strategy Leaders


Business Unit Leaders


Senior Operations Leaders


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