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i-nexus Strategic Planning

Build, cascade and communicate your plan

It’s time to translate your strategy into a plan with defined goals, key performance indicators and associated portfolios of projects, and with i-nexus, you control its end to end planning and management.

From capturing and cascading clear goals and initiatives, to portfolio selection and on-going measurement, i-nexus is the complete digital solution to strategic planning.

Businesses choose i-nexus strategic planning software to align their short-term annual goals to their breakthrough objectives, drive accountability, maximize their organizational resources and, ultimately, build a culture of confidence in their strategic plans being successfully executed.

The challenge

As your organization plans its strategy and constituent parts, often the themes of poor communication, employee engagement, resource allocation and governance stand in the way of successful deployment and execution.


of a strategy’s value is lost as a consequence of poor organizational communication



of companies are ineffective with allocating the right resource for their strategy

Economist Intelligence Unit


of PMOs poorly rate their organization's strategy implementation



of successful organizations have mechanism to translate strategy into operations

David P. Norton

The digital solution

As the number of plans and projects grows, it is crucial to be able to connect and prioritize your initiatives to ensure the optimal use of resources and the realization of your goals. i-nexus strategic planning software digitalizes your strategic plans, housing them in one system to provide the greatest ROI from your efforts.

With i-nexus’ planning software you can capture and cascade goals throughout your organization, manage functional alignment and resource loading, encouraging two-way dialog and feedback to drive engagement.

You can then use this insight to build a clear picture of the right projects needed to deliver the goals and the key performance indicators that will measure your results.

i-nexus underpins your strategic plans across the business, driving focus and action, maximizing resource and aligning everyone in direction and purpose.

Goal definition

Gain clarity of purpose by identifying clear, measurable goals that are readily cascaded across and down through the organization with targets to achieve.

Manage and cascade clear measurable goals
Track the financials of your plan

Financial tracking

Define expected financial targets across complex organizational structures while avoiding double counting.

Performance targets

Identify measurable metrics to track realized results and their impact.

Bowling chart performance tracking
Manage your portfolio and track performance and results

Portfolio selection

Identify a balanced, optimized project portfolio that’s perfectly aligned with strategic goals.

Portfolio planning

Manage resource allocation to ensure projects are staffed and the project pipeline is achievable.

Resource Planning Report
Strategic Planning view

Strategic planning

Ensure your strategic plan is robust, complete and ready to deploy with confidence.


Explore a multi-dimensional planning view of strategy, goals, projects and metrics.

Visualize your strategy in multiple X-Matrices

The benefits

Using i-nexus, your organization can centralize the end to end process of planning and communicating your strategy, providing alignment and clarity of purpose as to how everyone’s efforts feed the realization of your goals.

Our customers typically enjoy these benefits:

1. Alignment

Short-term goals are aligned to long-term breakthrough objectives.

2. Increased accountability

Increased accountability from employees, ensuring shop floor activities are aligned ultimately to top floor annual strategic goals through a catchball goal cascade.

3. Optimized resource

Optimal use of resources by selecting a balanced project portfolio that will achieve strategic goals.

4. Raised confidence

Raised confidence in the ability to execute strategic goals by identifying missing or incomplete plan elements.

Take control of your operational performance management, continuous improvement and strategic transformation with i-nexus

The i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform covers three areas of strategic management and is unified by i-nexus Workbench, the heart of the platform.

i-nexus customers can access all three elements of the i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform, creating the comprehensive system you need to deliver superior performance from your strategic plan.

i-nexus Pulse

Update metrics and projects on-the-go

i-nexus Pulse enables team members to easily enter metrics and project updates, ensuring effective data collection for achieving your goals.


Take control of your Strategy Execution

i-nexus Workbench is used to synchronize & plan strategies and goals, metrics and targets, portfolios and projects, and key performance indicators.

i-nexus Advisor

Use intuitive, data rich insights

i-nexus Advisor ensures that executives have insight into their strategy’s robustness, project portfolio execution and realized results.

See how i-nexus will help your business achieve its goals

Planning and managing strategic success throughout your organization

i-nexus’ strategic planning capabilities have been developed for organizations who want a centralized location for planning and managing their goals, focusing the discussion on one version of the truth, typically supporting these users:


Strategy Realization Office


Strategy Leaders


Business Unit Leaders


Operations Leaders


Program Management Office


Program and Project Managers

Universal Robots hoshin kanri case study

Planning and executing a Hoshin strategy in i-nexus

Read how Universal Robots used i-nexus' digital X-Matrix and Bowling Chart to bring unprecedented clarity of performance.


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