i-nexus Pulse

Update metrics and projects on-the-go

i-nexus pulse strategy execution mobile software

Leverage the power of mobile to update your strategic and operational activity

With a high volume of improvement initiatives and often-competing efforts of transformational activities, project overload can stifle your ability to transform, improve and run your business.

i-nexus Pulse empowers users to consistently execute project updates, ensuring action and measurement in-real time, re-focusing the conversation from process to outcome.

Regularly submitting updates and key metrics as part of a daily routine is challenging, but i-nexus Pulse makes the process of doing this simple, fast and portable.

i-nexus Pulse makes contributing to goals easier

i-nexus Pulse keeps you close to the heartbeat of your objectives, no matter the location.

Its mobile-first design enables users to easily enter metrics and project updates, ensuring effective data collection to feed performance analysis.


Provide metric updates and journal entries as part of a scheduled reporting cycle.

Provide journals to explain your metrics


Enter project and task updates to track execution.


Provide financial updates to ensure fiscal responsibility.

Easily track the financial impact of your projects with Pulse

Reduce non-value adding activity

i-nexus Pulse drives governance, completion and clarity of activity, ensuring fast and simple access to the metrics and journals which contribute to your success.

  • Drive regular updates from your team
  • Receive timely prompts on outstanding metrics and tasks
  • Send urgent messages to maintain the rhythm of execution
  • Turbo-charge adoption through an intuitive user experience
  • Fly through your personalized to-do list
  • Accelerate productivity with reduced non-value adding activity to real-time challenges and risks
  • Build a clear picture of performance with easily accessible dashboards
  • See actions at a glance
  • Identify areas of underperformance and address them in real-time

Keep your finger on the pulse of success

i-nexus Pulse supports the delivery of change and improvements you need:


Improvement in performance by promoting a counter measure culture


Reduction in non value-added activities by aligning resources with priority strategic goals


Increase in ROI from aligning and focusing CI activities around performance goals

Learn more about the i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform

The i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform is cloud-based, enterprise-ready software which empowers executives and professionals with a complete suite of tools for strategic planning, portfolio execution, and performance tracking.

i-nexus customers can access all three elements of the i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform, creating the comprehensive system you need to deliver superior performance from your strategic plan.

Execute your entire project portfolio with confidence

Take control of your Strategy Execution

From planning your strategy and related operational, improvement and transformation initiatives, through to executing and tracking their performance, i-nexus Workbench helps your business take control of what drives your success.

i-nexus Workbench is used to synchronize and plan strategies and goals, metrics and targets, portfolios and projects, and key performance indicators.

Track the financial benefits and ROI of projects

Use intuitive, data-rich insights

i-nexus Advisor gives immediate visibility into strategy and operational execution, a mobile-first i-nexus application with executive-level visualization and analytics, delivering unprecedented levels of high-quality information.

i-nexus Advisor ensures that executives have insight into their strategy’s robustness, project portfolio execution and realized results.

Who is i-nexus Pulse for?

i-nexus Pulse has been built for the core of your organization, empowering these users:




Project Team Members


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