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Coordinate and align improvement initiatives to your strategy

Identifying waste and continuously improving processes can provide great advantages to your business, but the journey to coordinated, organization-wide continuous improvement (CI) projects is dependent on many success factors.

As projects progress and multiply, overseeing their performance and aligning these to mission critical corporate improvement goals becomes complex.

At present, it remains ever difficult for executives and project and program management offices to identify an optimal portfolio of projects and ensure organizational focus on process improvement and eliminating waste.

Whatever the improvement tools and techniques, i-nexus’ continuous improvement software is the solution to successfully aligning, reporting, prioritizing and executing your improvement initiatives, ensuring your business increases ROI from its efforts.

i-nexus helps make continuous improvement sustainable

Reduction in time to cycle projects


Reduction in improvement project cycle time

Increase ROI from improvement projects


Increase in ROI from linking improvement activities to performance goals

Increase in financial contribution from improvement projects


Increase in measurable relative financial contribution across a complex organization

The challenge

Running individual continuous improvement projects is straightforward. However, when many projects form portfolios of multiple levels of complexity and rigor based on the toolbox used, issues arise with standardization, reporting and optimization.

Add to this increasing concerns from executives over revenue targets, project replication, and an ever-growing list of different methodologies, tools and techniques, synchronizing continuous improvement remains a logical competitive advantage to seize.


of organizations fail to realize the benefits of their projects



of CEOs are confident of revenue growing within 12 months



of projects fail due to a lack of defined objectives



of professionals struggle to link improvement to strategy


Identifying your challenges

The below are typical challenges identified at various stages of continous improvement maturity. Use these to review how to develop your capabilities.

  • Driving outcome delivery through an end to end plan vs tool facilitation as a mindset in your improvement workforce
  • Inability to roll up the high volume of bottom up improvements being defined or delivered through training and coaching to end business value
  • Cannot tell the value of improvement delivered vs overall performance KPIs
  • Challenging to track and prove the delivery of your OpEx workstream to an expected financial business case and ROI

Moving through your continuous improvement maturity


Employees can raise ideas but their management is ad hoc

Scale & sustain

Idea management exists, but requires coordination to ensure a value added improvement is delivered

Integrated system

Ideas can easily be linked to key KPIs, goals and new or existing improvements to ensure visibility on delivery


Projects can be linked to high level goals but ambiguity in goals and project definition leads to prioritization challenges

Scale & sustain

Prioritization criteria are clearly defined and projects can be reviewed against this

Integrated system

Prioritization is continuous and based on new insights and external events


Methodology standards are known. Improvement is delivered, but on-going progress is unclear

Scale & sustain

Standard methodology exists for improvement, but the source of best practice is unclear or difficult to find

Integrated system

There is a ‘mistake proofed’ tool box of standard plans and tool templates for any level of improvement located in a single source


Progress is understood against high level milestones and reported on a monthly cycle

Scale & sustain

Weekly tracking drives risk management and issue resolution, but little visibility of smaller improvements conducted in BAU

Integrated system

A single view of all top down and bottom up improvement reporting enables weekly performance management and monthly oversight


Improvements are aligned to a summary business case expectation. 

Any form of reforecasting of results is subject to intense manual activity within a PMO or finance.

Scale & sustain

Improvement is tracked against KPIs and expected targets.

Scenario planning based on progress expectations and relative impact to KPIs can be estimated but subject to a large degree of manual effort and estimation.

Integrated system

All improvements are explicitly linked to KPI targets or business case expectations.

Different versions of the plan exist in parallel as scenarios and impact assessments are automated.


Improvement is reported (and perceived) as a separate project activity to the day to day

Scale & sustain

Improvement reporting is included in the monthly performance reviews of each business area but there is an equal proportion of opinion to fact

Integrated system

Top down milestone adherence and bottom up raised and delivered is embedded in the monthly reporting cycle for each business area


There are a known few who are relied on to improve performance but they would be more effective if a level of training was in place

Scale & sustain

There is a clear set of capability levels in place for staff who are part or full time expected to own improvement against a methodology

Integrated system

Waves of methodology training and accreditation can be aligned to improvement pools of capacity in the delivery portfolio


There is an understanding of which functional ways of working need to improve but no clear criteria for progression

Scale & sustain

A maturity framework exists for how functions can develop their overall capability but progression is mixed and reporting is varied

Integrated system

A consolidated view of maturity progression as a trend exists at key levels in the organization.

Actions are defined and delivered against specific maturity scores.

The digital solution

i-nexus is the platform to successfully improve your organization, with dedicated continuous improvement software features to ensure efforts are always coordinated and aligned to your strategy.

Using i-nexus’ continuous improvement software you can establish clear targets to improve, allowing the optimal selection of project mix that will impact results, which are often informed by employee ideas.

As projects progress, through the platform you can oversee their performance and ultimately measure results via visually stunning dashboards; keeping stakeholders informed through automated reporting.

Organizations choose i-nexus to manage continuous improvement from idea through to execution as the platform gives the visibility, governance and sustainability needed for superior results.

Idea management

Capture and prioritize your employee-identified opportunities for improvement.

Manage and track idea management in your teams
Manage your portfolio and easily track goals and targets

Portfolio selection

Select opportunities and projects that best align with your corporate improvement goals and targets.

Project management

Create, plan and manage projects using templates for fast replication.

Project schedule and corresponding Gantt chart
Bowling chart performance tracking

Reporting cycles

Establish monthly reporting cadence with automated reports for stakeholders.

Impact analysis and benefits tracking

Drive accountability and monitor performance toward improvement targets through real-time benefit tracking.

Financial analysis and Benefits tracking
i-nexus Project schedule with DMAIC template

Governance and coordination

Enforce best-practice methodologies and techniques using project templates and workflows.

Learning and capability management

Manage training programs and certifications that upskill your continuous improvement teams and drive repeated identification and execution of improvement initiatives.

Manage your training programs and certifications that upskill your CI team

Supporting your continuous improvement methodologies, techniques and tools

Whatever the methodology, techniques and tools you use to drive improvement, i-nexus houses all of your initiatives in one location, enabling you to successfully manage portfolios, identify their benefits and connect these to your top-line strategy.

i-nexus digitalizes tools, methodologies and techniques such as:

Kanban Project Management Continuous Improvement Software


A3 management Continuous Improvement Software


Plan do check act Project Management Continuous Improvement Software


Just Do It Project Management Continuous Improvement Software

Just Do It

Value Stream Management Continuous Improvement Software

Value Stream Mapping

Define measure analyse improve control Continuous Improvement Software


Fishbone analysis Project Management Continuous Improvement Software


Project Charter Continuous Improvement Software

Project Charters

RAID log Project Management Continuous Improvement Software

RAID log

Root Causes Analysis Continuous Improvement Software

Root cause analysis

Gantt chart functionality Continuous Improvement software

Gantt chart

5S problem solving Continuous Improvement Software


i-nexus allows your business to systemize the entire delivery of your preferred methodologies.

The benefits

Coordinating organization-wide continuous improvement ensures the optimum delivery of change and provides the greatest value to your customers.

Organizations using i-nexus’ continuous improvement software enjoy these benefits:

1. Standardized improvement

Project replication and standardized reporting at all levels of method application, making it easier for your teams to deliver improvement as you wish.

2. Increased strategic value

Increased strategic value of improvement activities through a clear alignment of investment with business priorities.

3. Reduced project cycle times

Reduced project cycle times and subsequent increased project success rates through standard detailed plans and the ability to track progress of delivery.

4. Greater productivity

Greater productivity through the elimination of non value-adding effort via the automation of reporting and governance preparation and distribution.

Driving improvement throughout your organization

i-nexus’ continuous improvement software has been developed for businesses who want to successfully coordinate multiple initiatives, standardize reporting and benefit realization, and drive decision-making and accountability throughout their business:


Program Management Office


CI Leaders and Teams


Business Unit Leaders


Operations Leaders


Project Managers


Program Managers


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