Manage your operational performance

i-nexus operational performance management solution

Establish a counter measure culture to deliver operational excellence

Executing your strategy requires the optimum selection of resources and measuring the right operational KPIs to manage performance in-real time, tracking and adjusting your initiatives accordingly to deliver superior results.

Effectively managing the daily performance of your business requires the capture and reporting of information in an easily digestible format.

When this becomes routine, the resulting business insights fuel the necessary changes to your projects, portfolios and daily activities.

With i-nexus, your business controls and monitors performance whilst promoting a counter measure culture.

i-nexus helps you deliver your annual operating targets by engaging your team, underlining their accountability and providing replicable measurement frameworks to establish the foundations for driving operational excellence.

i-nexus helps establish operational excellence

Improve performance with countermeasurement culture


Improvement in performance by promoting a counter measure culture

Reduced time to produce performance reports


Reduction in time to prepare reports

The challenge

Without a shift towards data-based decision-making, organizations struggle to answer questions around their performance to date, the root cause of poor results and whether they have the resources to resolve their challenge.

Despite the growth in performance management software solutions, many organizations remain plagued by information skepticists and a counter culture to business insights.

But, with more than half of the Fortune 500 ceasing operations since 2000, the imperative to monitor and act upon business performance data is ever-growing.


of organizations' decisions are underpinned by data

New Vantage Partners


of employees know where to find key data



of CEOs see data silos as a key performance blocker



of organizations use gut-feel over data and insights

Economist Intelligence Unit

Identifying your challenges

The below are typical challenges identified at various stages of operational performance maturity. Use these to review how to develop your capabilities.

  • A lack of a clear understanding of how your functional day to day performance rolls up to customer experience, regulatory commitments and business results
  • No visibility of operational performance. Difficult to track accountability for KPIs, Action Plans and measure impact on commercial performance and revenue
  • Inability to navigate the operational noise in order focus on the priority areas of business performance recovery
  • No understanding of the effort being put into sustaining this day to day performance. Is a business area with no corrective actions “better” than one with numerous – which is a better example of managing day to day performance? 
  • Unable to understand the broader impact of day to day performance in a joined up or end to end manner, e.g. how the day to day lead times impact commercial and sales revenue

Moving through your operational performance maturity


KPIs and targets exist but disagreement about their definition, source and credibility

Scale & sustain

A consistently defined set of KPIs are in place across the business, but some debate on how they roll up or relative weighting

Integrated system

A consistent definition of measures and targets exist for each function at every level


Manually captured metrics with inconsistent timing

Scale & sustain

Metrics are captured in a consistent and timely manner but still manually inputted

Integrated system

A large proportion of performance metrics come from system sources


Reporting is monthly or adhoc as issues surface

Scale & sustain

Performance is understood at weekly and monthly levels but a gap in daily performance

Integrated system

A regular cadence of daily, weekly and monthly reporting of performance in place


No recovery or counter measures are defined or delivered

Scale & sustain

A corrective action method exists but is applied inconsistently

Integrated system

Any performance below target triggers an investigation and counter measure


An understanding of how the work conforms to key regulatory and KPI driven standards

Scale & sustain

A level of audit is in place and action plans deliver solutions to examples of poor process compliance

Integrated system

Self assessment is embedded as a discipline across the business. Schedules adhered to and actions are tracked and delivered

The digital solution

i-nexus is the platform to run operational mangement. It ensures that your organization tracks and monitors its efforts in a systematic manner, producing the results you expect.

i-nexus helps you to manage your performance and deliver your annual target, covering the end to end approach to operational performance management.

From setting metrics and tracking initiatives via balanced scorecard, to automating reporting and undertaking counter measures, you control your performance.

Businesses choose i-nexus to manage their performance, reducing the effort and confusion of using multiple systems, instead putting focus on data analysis and corrective actions to achieve operational excellence.

Performance measurement

Set metric targets and track performance with operational scorecards.

Continuously track progress against goals and metrics
Capture your project's metrics and KPIs with ease

Metric capture

Update metrics through data entry and integration with third party systems.

Reporting cadence

Establish monthly reporting cycles with automated report generation.

Schedule regular reports to view improvement areas
Run root cause analysis and implement counter measures

Root cause analysis and counter measures

Bring underperformance back on track by determining root cause and implementing rapid corrective action.

Governance and coordination

Promote standardization and consistency in metric definition, management reporting cycles and operational workflows.

Measure your operational performance with scorecards and RAG statuts

The benefits

With i-nexus' operational performance management software, your business has its finger on the pulse of daily activities, ensuring that information is routinely captured and utilized to make informed decisions.

Organizations using i-nexus’ operational performance management software enjoy these benefits:

1. Enhanced decision-making

Enhanced decision-making through increased accuracy and currency of performance data.

2. Improved measurement

Improved performance measurement via timely root cause analysis and counter measures.

3. Increased operational agility

Increased agility through access to real-time business insights which enable quicker response times.

4. Reduced non-value-adding effort

Reduced effort preparing and managing performance reporting.

Managing performance throughout your organization

i-nexus’ operational performance management software has been developed for businesses who want to improve the capture and usage of data throughout their organization:


Operational Leaders


Business Unit Leaders


CI Leaders and Teams

Operational performance management case study Flex

Real-time operational performance management

Read how global manufacturer Flex achieved greater focus on its operational performance management using the i-nexus platform.


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