The i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform

i-nexus_Software Overview

Successfully plan, execute and track your goals within one digital solution

The i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform is cloud-based, enterprise-ready software which empowers executives and professionals with a complete suite of tools for strategic planning, portfolio execution, and performance tracking.

The platform is used across the world by businesses to run, improve and transform, with a powerful collection of tools and team of experts to hand to ensure that more of your goals are achieved faster and with less investment.

Complete control over Strategy Planning

Global businesses turn to i-nexus and its Strategy Execution Software as the solution to unifying the chaos of multiple spreadsheets, disparate project management tools and lacklustre metric tracking.


Set, cascade and negotiate strategic goals and accountability throughout your organization, aligning everyone to delivering focused success.

Plan out your goals, plan and strategy
Execute your project portfolio


Optimize and execute your strategic portfolio with rigor, ensuring full visibility of projects, risks and maximum use of the resources central to your goals.


Track project progress with accuracy, driving timely updates on metrics, and visualize these to correct underperformance and realize the benefits and impact of your portfolio.

Track your projects and goal performance

Enterprise-ready Strategy Execution

i-nexus provides the scalability, security, and features needed to meet the demands of modern, enterprise-grade Strategy Execution management.

The scalable Strategy Execution management platform

i-nexus supports every level of your business, crossing divisions, regions and groups:

i-nexus supports multi language, currencies and time zones


i-nexus is the only multi-language, currency and time-zone supported strategy platform

i-nexus can be deployed for one team or business unit, or across the entire organization


i-nexus allows you to deploy to one business unit or across your whole organization

i-nexus can be configured for your language, terminology and where you need it in your business


i-nexus supports all industries and organization structures & integrates with your existing tech stack

Safely hosted in one secure digital solution

We’re meticulous about the system security and reliability of i-nexus:

i-nexus is AWS hosted

AWS hosted

Hosted in AWS, i-nexus’ secure private cloud gives our customers dedicated servers and databases, ensuring security, high-performance and scalability

i-nexus encrypts data and maintains industry leading down times

System reliability

Our customers rely on our data encryption, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), automated backups, US/UK hosting and disaster recovery capabilities

i-nexus is ISO and GDPR compliant

Safe and secure

We keep our customers safe and secure with 99.9% uptime, ISO 27001 accreditation, GDPR compliance and Single-Sign-On

Cloud architecture ebook

Read more about our system security

Learn about how we ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the i-nexus platform.

The features you need

i-nexus has all the Strategy Execution management features to deliver your goals:

i-nexus supports SSO

User management

Manage your user community and accounts, with optional single sign-on with leading enterprise directories

i-nexus ensures that the people with the right permissions and roles can acccess and contribute to your plans and projects

Roles & Permissions

Use roles to present the right information to individuals or teams, then assign permissions to these roles to manage access and actions

i-nexus automates your daily tasks to ensure that your team are performing as expected


Facilitate and track your teams’ work by automating standard processes, from initiative lifecycles to routine reviews and approvals

i-nexus helps you to maintain the rhythym of execution and measurement needed for plans and projects to succeed

Alerts & Notifications

i-nexus users receive timely notifications when metrics, journals and KPIs require their attention

i-nexus provides reporting and performance monitoring insights to fuel your decision making

Reporting & Analytics

You can completely automate reporting and visualize your business data for insights like never before

i-nexus makes it easier to collaborate on pland and projects across teams, divisions, groups and regions


Coordinate and collaborate across the strategic project portfolio lifecycle, from goal definition to managing initiatives and tracking their performance

The i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform

The i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform is cloud-based, enterprise-ready software which empowers executives and professionals with a complete suite of tools for strategic planning, portfolio execution, and performance tracking.

i-nexus Pulse

Update metrics and projects on-the-go

i-nexus Pulse enables team members to easily enter metrics and project updates, ensuring effective data collection for achieving your goals.


Take control of your Strategy Execution

i-nexus Workbench is used to manage strategies and goals, metrics and targets, portfolios and projects, and key performance indicators.

i-nexus Advisor

Use intuitive, data-rich insights

i-nexus Advisor ensures that executives have insight into their strategy’s robustness, project portfolio execution and realized results.

See how i-nexus will help your business achieve its goals

Who uses i-nexus Strategy Execution management software?

The i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform is built to support your entire organization, from project team members through to executives, i-nexus is the complete solution for Strategy Execution management:


Senior Strategy Leaders


Strategy Realization Office


Business Unit Leaders


Senior Operations Leaders


Program Management Office


Program Managers


Project Managers


Project Team Members






Team Members



Seamless integration and expert support

The i-nexus platform integrates seamlessly with your existing business systems, and is deployed and supported by our team of experts:

i-nexus integrates with SAP, CRM, ERPs and more

System integration

Using Jitterbit Harmony, i-nexus connects to your daily applications and databases, including CRMs, ERPs and financial systems

i-nexus is easy to adopt with its WalkMe digital tutorials

Turbo-charged adoption

To get your teams up to speed, i-nexus uses WalkMe™ for training walkthroughs, detailed help and an ever-growing FAQ database

i-nexus account management and customer services supports you to get the most out of the platform

On-going support

Our US and UK based customer success teams support your business to generate value from the platform as soon as possible

Unifying continuous improvement and hoshin

Unifying strategy, quality and Continuous Improvement activities division-wide

Read how a major energy firm used the i-nexus platform to align its Hoshin Kanri strategy deployment and Continuous Improvement projects.


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