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Hoshin Kanri – sometimes known as Hoshin Planning or Strategy Deployment – is a strategic planning process whereby strategic goals are communicated and translated into action. Originating in Japan in the 1950s and now being adopted worldwide as the de facto strategy execution methodology, Hoshin Kanri means ‘compass management’ and serves to align the entire organization’s resources and actions with management’s strategic goals.

Deconstructing the Hoshin Kanri process

Let’s take a closer look at a simple five-step Hoshin Kanri process.

The Strategy Execution Office

What starts, by design, as a small set of strategic objectives, rapidly becomes hundreds of strategic initiatives at any one time. To better align, manage and coordinate these initiatives, large organizations are increasingly setting their sights on developing a Strategy Execution Office capability. Such an office’s charter often includes implementing standards for goal management, managing initiative management and performance management.

Depending on culture, business needs and system maturity, the Strategy Execution Office’s control and influence varies significantly between organizations; from a consultative or coaching, hands-off support role to a directive function that takes control of initiatives.

Regardless of model, tomorrow’s Strategy Execution Office promotes standardization while achieving economies of scale and providing management and workers alike with real-time visibility into progress and results.

Getting started

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Maturity model

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Case study

Unifying strategy, quality and continuous improvement activities division-wide

i-nexus’ Hoshin Kanri capabilities helped to align all business units with divisional strategic goals, and a single source of the truth for project and KPI data.

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